Raw COP Protein

At Mr. Wok Foods, we are proud to offer an exquisite selection of Raw COP (Cut, Onboard, and Packaged) Seafood. Our process is rooted in the heart of the ocean's bounty.

Unmatched Freshness: Our unique method ensures that each piece of seafood is processed and packaged swiftly after being caught, locking in the natural flavors and freshness.

Experience the Ocean's Best: Our Raw COP range is more than just seafood; it's a culinary journey from the depths of the sea to your dining table.

Quality You Can Depend On: Committed to excellence and sustainable practices, Mr. Wok Foods provides seafood that is not just extraordinarily fresh but also ethically sourced.

USDA Inspected Protein Selection

Discover our diverse and high-quality protein selection, meticulously crafted at our USDA inspected HACCP facility in Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • Beef Slice
  • Pork Slice
  • Chicken Breast Cube & Slice
  • Polo Asado
  • Carne Asada (Skirt Steak /Arrachera)
  • Katsu (Panko Breaded Chicken & Pork)
  • Korean Style 3/8” Short rib, BI/CC Choice

All products are fabricated with the utmost care and adherence to the highest standards, ensuring quality you can trust.

Experienced Provider

Experienced provider of value-added products.

Expert Knowledge

Strong working knowledge of large, medium and boutique sized businesses and their unique requirements.

Quality Focus

Emphasis on wholesomeness, quality and taste.

Homemade Quality

Home made style & dependable quality.

Specialty Selection

Specialty products for Asian and Latin markets.

Co-Packing Services

Co-packing and Private Label services available.

Dedicated Service

Knowledgeable staff and dedicated service.

Heat and Serve

Our Heat and Serve line is perfect for quick, delicious meals. These pre-cooked or easy-to-prepare products bring convenience without compromising on quality.

  • Beijing Beef
  • Tofu Nuggets
  • Pork Nugget
  • Chicken Nugget
  • Dark meat (thigh)
  • White meat (breast)
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Seafood Mix

Hispanic Products

Explore our Hispanic range featuring

  • Chrorizo
  • Longanisa,
  • Cecina
  • and Al Pastor.

Each product is crafted to deliver authentic flavors and a unique culinary experience.

Tacos Chorizo Cecina

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